TK 2014

Following up the artist's film SPRING (2012), TK (2014) brings the interest for the language of body and its relation to the socio political context of “physical presence” back in the center of the artists practice. The title of the work “TK”, is an onomatopoeic description of the sound made either by stone hitting the ground or by teeth closing in bite. Departing form an eight part poem (part seven being excluded form a film itself, however its narrative significance is further explored in the exhibition surrounding the film), the artist constructs a complex polyphonic work in which poetry meets movements, sounds, silences, bodies, and ­endurability in order to project the ideas behind the work.

Hadley TK-421 2012



Marooned on a forest planet, an Imperial scout trooper hunts a lone Jedi, when he discovers an unexpected ally.

Outdoors with T.K. and Mike: Deer Huntin' 1996

This is the first video featuring the red neck hunting duo on a mission to bag the elusive buck known as "Split Toe". The hunters use their expertise and knowledge of the Alabama backwoods to track the trophy deer.

Four Junior Detectives 1992

The four young snoopers Tim, Karl, Kloesschen and Gaby by chance discover a hidden cave near an old castle. In it there's a board that seems to describe the way to a legendary sword. They ask their history teacher Schindler about it. He forbids them further actions, but secretly continues investigations with help of two ruthless criminals. But our young heros don't give up on an adventure so fast...

TK630 - A Star Wars Fan Film 2018

Marooned on a forest planet, an Imperial scout trooper hunts a lone Jedi, when he discovers an unexpected ally.

The Vow 1937

Two friends make a sacred pact pledging their newborn children, Rachel and Mendel, in marriage. Based on the same legend as S. Ansky's classic play The Dybbuk, this spirited film offers the divine intervention of Elijah and a happy ending.

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away 1970

Set in pre-World War II Zagreb, the story is seen through the eyes of 6-year-old Perica Šafranek (played by Tomislav Žganec). A dandy from Zagreb, Mr Fulir (played by Relja Bašić), starts flirting with Perica's mother during a family picnic. At first, Perica's father doesn't notice anything, but wants to marry off Perica's aunt, so he invites the man to their residence. After multiple rendezvous, Perica's father becomes aware of Fulir's attempts to seduce his wife.

Tkies khaf 1924

Starring real-life mother and daughter Ester-Rokhl Kaminska and Ida Kaminska, this film is a precursor to the 1937 classic, The Dybbuk, featuring the same classic tale of frustrated love and destiny and the breaking/fulfillment of vows.

Nu'tka' 1996

Nu•tka• utilizes image bifurcation to explore the history of colonialization on Vancouver Island, where English and Spanish fleets battled over trade routes in the 18th century. Films of the landscape—the only imagery shown—are superimposed on one screen so that the footage appears doubled. This formal effect is echoed by the soundtrack, which includes excerpts from the sea captains’ diaries, which become increasingly paranoid and irrational. At key moments in the narrative all visual and verbal elements meld together in exquisite clarity.

A Man from the Border 2017

This feature-length documentary about Professor Jože Dolmark shows the protagonist as a man of many insights, interests and talents; as an art historian, an authority on literature and the history of cinema and photography, a film critic, cineaste, screenwriter, actor, and above all an extraordinary teacher and professor, and in a new light: intimately, through anecdotes and his world view, as befits a man of his greatness. Jože Dolmark is a brilliant intellectual, an eloquent speaker, and an astute observer of Slovenian culture, cinema, and life at large.

Maia Tkneteli 1960

A young girl named Maia disguises herself as a boy in order to fight against the enemies of her country.

The Score 2001

An aging thief hopes to retire and live off his ill-gotten wealth when a young kid convinces him into doing one last heist.

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